EiVIS – Control & Monitoring

The production day in focus

The visualization solutions EiVIS and EiMON support the tracking of the quality situation. Characteristic data of the production can be always kept in view.

EiVIS – Visualization of the quality situation

With EiMON the machine operator is always aware of his machine’s current performance. EiVIS provides a quick overview o

EiVIS makes possible a fast overview of the production day and possibly occurred problems. It is also possible to be continuously informed about the quality situation in production. Inspection results are clearly displayed and cyclically updated. Unprocessed SPC events are highlighted in color.

To enable in-depth analyses, functions such as drill-down to the inspection point level, export of selected measurement data or generation of EiSEL reports are available.

EiMON – Production Monitoring

With EiMON a machine responsible person has always the current performance of machines in sight. By various graphics, such as control charts or histograms, and a clear representation, it is possible to react in case of fluctuations at any time. The graphics are automatically updated when new data are available.e.

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