Company profile

Company profile

SSE - System und Softwareentwicklung

Dr. Eilebrecht SSE has been involved in the development of software-supported testing systems and quality methods since 1981. Every one of us relies on the functionality of components on a daily basis, the quality of which is ensured with support from our company.

More than 25 years ago, we realized how well the basic ideas of SAP software fit together with the Total Quality Management approach, which was heavily discussed at the time. At that time, we decided to use our specialist knowledge to contribute to the benefit of SAP users. In discussions with customers and employees of SAP, we developed subsystems that support the functionality of SAP software in important processes within the company.

In the meantime our software is used by many customers worldwide. Together with our customers, we build up process chains with which we optimize the processes in the company. The process chain for quality inspection ideally links SAP QM and our company’s subsystems.

Today, around 30 employees in Leonberg are working on further developing our solutions and optimally integrating new aspects of quality management into our products. These are cornerstones on the way to Paperless Quality, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Big Data and Smart Factories.