Quality Policy

Our goal is to provide a software solution that meets the needs of our customers, as well as a reliable and trusting partnership. To achieve this goal, we follow a clear quality policy in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 standard.

These are our principles

  • Proximity to the customer
    Our company attaches great importance to the proximity to the customer. We want to know exactly the wishes and needs of our customers and strive for a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Good advice
    A good solution requires that the customer knows exactly what he is doing. We do not stay on the surface, but ask questions and deal with the background. From our experience, we advise our customers so well.
  • Individual adaptability
    In quality assurance, many customers have special processes. We offer our customers software that can be individually adapted to the respective requirements and processes.
  • High reliability of the software
    Our software is used partly in the production and must therefore have a high reliability. After successful installation, we offer our customers reliable support for maintenance through maintenance contracts.
  • Structured approach
    For our frequently recurring tasks we achieve predictable results through structured processes. This allows each individual employee to quickly understand even non-reorganized systems.
  • Continuous improvement and error culture
    Our quality management system is subject to continuous observation, monitoring, evaluation and improvement. In addition to improvement through monitoring and evaluation, a positive error and tip-off culture also contributes to improvements.