New Release: EiQMI 7


We are very pleased to introduce the new release of EiQMI 7 with a wealth of exciting new features and improvements. Since the last major release EiQMI 6, a total of 177 new features have been added to EiQMI and over 300 improvements have been developed.

Many new SPC functionalities and inspection lot overview

In the last few months, we have focussed on the development of extended functionalities for statistical process control. For example, EiQMI now also supports SPC events for warning limits, the Western Electric Rules and a whole range of other configurable SPC events.
EiQMI 7 also includes a new configurable inspection lot overview, which can be used to clearly display all processes, inspection points and characteristics, including results.

New options in SAP communication

There are also new functionalities in the communication between EiQMI and SAP: EiQMI can now not only fill Q notifications, but also generate maintenance notifications. In SAP S/4HANA, the lot can now be deleted and a new one created at any time for order inspection lot origin 03. This is now also taken into account by EiQMI.

Release notes including change log

Depending on which EiQMI version you are currently using, EiQMI offers you many more new functions that are not yet included in your EiQMI version. Ask us for your individual change log! We will be pleased to advise you on how best to organise an update. Please feel free to contact us personally!

Successfully certified: QM-IDI interface

EiQMI 7 zertifiziert

EiQMI 7 has again been successfully certified for the SAP interface QM-IDI! We are delighted that the SAP Integration Certification Centre has once again confirmed the secure and efficient transfer of inspection data for the new EiQMI version. The certification is valid for a period of three years.

EiQMI 7 is the first EiQMI to be certified exclusively for SAP S/4HANA. SAP no longer offers recertification for SAP ECC. Nevertheless, EiQMI 7 and SAP ECC remain fully compatible. You can rest assured that we will maintain full compatibility with SAP ECC for EiQMI 7 and all subsequent minor 7.x releases.

This means that all customers who have yet to migrate to SAP S/4HANA can update to EiQMI 7 at any time. Please feel free to contact us personally.