Paperless QM at ZF with EiQMI Next

Web-based, mobile, integrated

At this year’s SAP Infoday “Integrated CAQ”, Dr. Eilebrecht SSE together with pilot customer ZF Friedrichshafen presented the new web-based solution EiQMI Next for quality data acquisition with SAP. Malte Vollmerhausen (Product Owner Platform Next) and Dr. Uwe Schedl (Head of Quality Projects at ZF) gave insights into the development process in a joint presentation and also showed the possibilities and features of EiQMI Next in a live demo.

The EiQMI Next application, created in agile development since 2018, is characterized by a high focus on user experience, regular updates and functional enhancements as well as platform and device independence. Due to the complete standard development, long-term support and updateability is guaranteed.

EiQMI Next can be used in stand-alone operation with SAP as well as together in hybrid operation with EiQMI Classic and SAP, thus combining the best of both worlds.

Partnership development

The integration of the MES used and the display of results from the measuring room on the shop floor posed particular challenges. In addition, the use on so-called thin clients was a prerequisite to be fulfilled, which excluded a software installation on the computers and devices.

In his presentation, Dr. Uwe Schedl referred to the agile development approach, the concrete implementation of requirements in short sprints, and the input of plants and testers during development.

He was particularly impressed by the close involvement of future users. For example, the foremen and users were involved in the development from the very beginning: They were present in workshops and meetings, tested preview versions and gave hints on how to improve user experience. In regular sprint meetings, the current progress was discussed and tasks and requirements were collected in a common backlog. This led to a high level of user involvement and ultimately to an enormously high level of acceptance during the rollout.

Live demo on desktop and tablet

Malte Vollmerhausen then showed in the live demo how in EiQMI Next, by simple configuration in the inspection plan, characteristic dynamization (rasterization) can be carried out according to sampling methods and inspection occasions, so that on certain occasions only certain characteristics are displayed for inspection.

He also highlighted the inspection overview, with which the complete operation with all characteristics can be viewed before starting the inspection and without creating an inspection point. This is helpful for setting up the workstation, for checking the screening or the attached documents.

The numerous questions asked, as well as by far the highest number of registrations for the presentation by SSE and ZF, testify to the great interest in the solution presented.

Test EiQMI Next yourself

Now there is the possibility to try EiQMI Next yourself and get to know how it works. Simply register here for our free demo (currently only available in German).