EiVIS – Control & Monitoring

The production day in view

Monitor all your important production characteristics. Our visualization solutions EiVIS and EiMON support you in monitoring your quality status.

With EiMON the machine operator is always aware of his machine’s current performance. EiVIS provides a quick overview of the production day and of any issues that may have occurred. It enables easy access to all details.

EiMON enables you to display various graphics like control charts, histograms etc. When new test data is available the graphics are automatically updated. This as well as the clear overview enable the machine operator to quickly react to variations.

The visualization solution EiVIS continuously informs you about the quality status of your production. Test results are represented in breakdowns and are updated cyclically. Unhandled SPC events are highlighted in color. For deeper analysis features like a drill-down down to the inspection point level, the export of selected test data or the generation of reports are available.

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