Review of the 17th QM Workshop

Already for the 17th time, on October 11, Dr. Eilebrecht SSE together with SAP SE hosted the QM Workshop. Around one hundred customers and interested parties from a huge variety of industries gathered at the SAP main seat in Walldorf to get informed and have an exchange about integrated quality management with SAP and EiQMI.

Our customers gave direct glimpse into the use of the EiQMI product family by presenting practical examples for the digitalization of quality processes, realization of Industrie 4.0 and the use of the Internet of Things in the field of quality data collection. Further presentations and demonstrations of our coworkers and SAP took a gander at current and future developments in software and technology of digital quality management. Furthermore, the event provided the opportunity to experience and talk about our solutions and products as well as our partners STEINWALD datentechnik, ELIAS and Dr. Herterich & Consultants (DHC).

Clemens Bruchmann from the company HOERBIGER Synchrontechnik GmbH & CO. KG launched the event with a presentation about the exchange of data between EiQMI and various machines. A special attribute of his project was the onboarding of piece counters via OPC. Those piece counters’ digital feedback allows the monitoring of the maturity in real-time when to examine parts of the production, so that a caution lamp signalizes when an outward transfer of a test part has to be released by SPC-drawer.

Directly following, Jürgen Kniephof gave an overview and outlook regarding actual developments of SAP in the area of quality management, especially considering SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Mr. Kniephof showed the realization of different aspects of quality management with the Fiori- surface, including the administration of the status of the quality and the management of actions.

After a short break and the opportunity for exchange of ideas between the participants, Andreas Horn talked about 15 years of experience with EiQMI at Hirschvogel Holding GmbH – from the replacement of the paper checklists by the digital collection of data up to the worldwide rollout into the manufacturing sites. A special focus was the central configuration of EiQMI and thus its gains of efficiency when onboarding further sites. One of the decision-making advantages of EiQMI for Hirschvogel has been the reduction of the administration costs.

The morning program was completed by Claus Bruckner from SAP SE with a presentation about the new digital innovation-system SAP Leonardo. Using vivid examples, Mr. Bruckner explained how Leonardo is utilized to develop digital business processes by technologies like Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain and Big-Data-Analysis.

After lunch, Janick Vos from ZF Wind Power presented DigiQuaD (Digital Quality Data) as an innovative approach to a solution to fulfill the requirements of Industrie 4.0 by means of EiQMI product family. Mr. Vos clearly demonstrated the advantages of digital quality processes and the elimination of paper archiving. On top, he mentioned efficiency and the rise of quality awareness inside the company.

Innovations of Dr. Eilebrecht SSE were introduced by Mark Roman Stehle. Particularly, the recertification of EiQMI by SAP, the completely reworked EiQMI user surface, the “centralized system” as a new product option of EiQMI and the support of Unicode in the interface to SAP were presented.

The next customer presentation showed the application of EiQMI in the space and aeronautic industry at ArianeGroup. Matthias Kaufmann visualized the importance of a test data management for orbital drives by explaining that the customer requires a strict quality management. With the digital document management of SAP and EiQMI, the number of documents could be reduced drastically and their processing could be standardized and thereby simplified. Moreover, a customer specific workflow with digital signature and release according to the principle of dual control was implemented.

An exciting outlook towards new technologies, developments and products at Dr. Eilebrecht SSE was shown at the end of the program by Malte Vollmerhausen. The usage of web technologies and agile development processes opens up possibilities with high flexibility and a high pace of development. Thereby, applications can be used independently of the platform and with various devices -from smartphone up to displays in manufacturing sites- and, furthermore, be adjusted individually in the user surface. Chances and risks of this approach are evaluated and followed up by Dr. Eilebrecht SSE in the missions’ name “Platform Next”. The first outcome of the mission was a web based EiQMI-Client for an interactive collection of measuring data of digitally connected measuring tools. Together with ZF Friedrichshafen AG, the outcome will be developed in collaboration within an agile pilot project.

At the end of the presentations, sufficient time for an exchange to discuss contents and to develop new ideas was available. The next date for the QM workshop in 2019 is already fixed. We would be very delighted to welcome you on September, 26th 2019 in Walldorf. One more for the purpose of digitalization, we will offer you a wide range of presentations from various industries and give the opportunity for an exchange in quality management with SAP and EiQMI.